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Double cleansing is a method of cleansing your face twice. First, with an oil-based cleanser and again with a water-based cleanser. It can help remove stubborn, pore-clogging and acne-causing impurities that can remain on the skin even after washing your face once.

The benefit of double cleansing is that the first cleanser will break down any makeup, remove dirt and excess oils from the day and clean your skin. The second cleanser will address your particular skin type or concern and should have ingredients to hydrate, smooth or exfoliate and treat acne. Doing both steps will assure that any treatment and moisturizing is not done in vain.

How Do You Double Cleanse?

For the first round of cleansing, it’s best to wash your face until there isn’t a single trace of make-up visible on the cotton pad. Once you’ve removed the surface grime, it’s time for a fully-fledged water-based cleanse – and that doesn’t mean a quick splash. Be sure to massage your cleanser in for a minute to thoroughly remove make-up, toxins, pollution and buildup from your skin. You also need to take at least a minute to do a water-based cleanse to ensure you gain all the benefits from your cleanser and its ingredients. Most people, only spend about twenty seconds on cleansing, which isn’t enough time to massage the cleanser in properly. What’s the rush people?

The temperature of the water matters, too. Too hot and you could risk irritating the skin, especially if you suffer from acne or skin conditions such as rosacea, so it’s best to rinse with water that is lukewarm.

What Are The Benefits Of Double Cleansing?

If you wear a full face of heavy make-up, double cleansing is the best way to ensure your skin is free from every single scrap. One swipe with a face wipe will do nothing to properly dislodge foundation and pollution particles, and if all of that is left on your skin overnight, you aren’t giving your skin cells the best chance at regenerating which means no plump, youthful complexion for you.

Double cleansing will help to brighten any dullness, ultimately lifting the complexion. Double cleanse also will allow serums, moisturisers and products like retinols to penetrate and work their magic much more efficiently. By cleansing twice, you’re ensuring that both the first layer of sebum, make-up, sunscreen and deeper layers of pore bacteria, which can all aggravate acne, are removed.

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