About Us

Everyone’s skin is unique, there’s no one size fits all skincare solution. It’s all about understanding what your skin needs by understanding your skin.

Therefore, by.flawsome was founded in 2017 by Zalilah Zulkefly in spirit of making the place that allows consumers to directly buy goods from a single seller over the Internet.

In this website we offer various skin care products such as cleanser, serum, and many more as well as body care
products like hair removal product and sunscreen from trusted Malaysian local brands.

We are dedicated in providing an inviting online shopping experience for the convienience of our clientele. By.flawsome aim to be the preferred platform for customers to find the solution for their
skin’s problem.

All the products featured in this website is safe to use because customers safety is our priority.

Born in 1993, MBA holder, talkative and passionate.